EPS Group Promotes a Growth Mindset as Organization Expands

In celebration of National Engineering Week (February 17-23, 2019), EPS Group honors its 32 licensed professional engineers while also acknowledging the tremendous growth the company has seen over the past two years. EPS has nearly doubled in size during that time, becoming Arizona’s largest locally-owned engineering firm with more than 230 employees. But the growth would not have occurred if a sizeable investment had not been made in the many individuals with five, ten, or more years working at EPS Group. People flourish here because the company embraces a culture focused on the individual – a tradition integral to EPS throughout its 15-year history.

In the late 1970s, Darrell Truitt co-founded the engineering firm Standage and Truitt, and their success did not go unnoticed. Eventually, a Canadian firm acquired Standage and Truitt, and a short time later that company was sold to a firm based in London, England. Truitt, along with others from the firm they founded, discovered they were not enthralled with the corporate environment. They opted instead to create a company built on their own philosophy: cultivating experts who provide meaningful service. In 2003, EPS Group was formed in the spirit of this belief.

“EPS allows individual ownership,” explains vice president Bryan Kitchen. “This encourages individual development so that each person can play a substantial role in the company. The benefits of this type of ownership are many, but perhaps the most significant outcome is the high level of accountability and pride staff take in their work. When a company invests in its employees, they in turn invest themselves in the company, and that is a formula for success.”

The leadership style at EPS Group permits individuals to move to their strengths. Rather than being single-task oriented, employees are encouraged to acquire knowledge and training in a variety of disciplines, and they naturally enhance their skills in diverse ways.

“At EPS, there is no glass ceiling,” Kitchen says. “As our staff gains a greater understanding of the latest technologies and innovations in our respective fields, our company evolves as a whole.”

This approach has allowed the company to expand the range of services it offers – well beyond just civil engineering. Today, EPS Group is a vibrant, multi-disciplinary firm, with the registered professionals and expert support to ensure consistent, attentive oversight of a project from design conception through to closeout. This includes:

  • Transportation – roadway, rail and trails ­– challenging improvements and development
  • Land Development – value-driven solutions to complex private real estate development
  • Water, sewer and drainage analyses and plans
  • Planning – expert navigation through tough land use, entitlement, design, and construction challenges
  • Land Survey – legal survey, construction staking and geospatial expertise (aerial mapping/photogrammetry, etc.)
  • Landscape Architecture and related community enhancements
  • Construction Management, utilizing cutting-edge methods to delivery exceptional quality
  • Municipal Engineering and infrastructure design

EPS Group values the personal wellbeing of their employees, which is why the company stresses a proper work-life balance. More than a catchphrase, doomed for failure more often than not, EPS understands balance can be a challenge. What the company provides are specific avenues an employee can take to achieve happiness and effectiveness, both in the office and off the clock.

“A flexible work schedule, office-sponsored recreational activities, and a management style that promotes dialog and team engagement are just some of the options we offer,” said Kitchen. “The emphasis on work-life balance, along with the sense of community we have created within EPS Group, keeps our employee retention rate high.”

EPS Group’s focus isn’t solely inward, however. The firm is also passionate about fostering meaningful relationships with their clients. “Employee satisfaction has a direct impact on those who hire us, too,” Kitchen adds. “Clients have expressed how much they enjoy working with our staff, those individuals so invested in our company. That so much of our business is generated by repeat clients is a testament to the dedication of our staff.”

Although EPS Group has been a known presence in Arizona over the past 15 years, the growth spurt currently taking place is unprecedented. The company operates from three locations within the state: the home office in Mesa, Tucson, and Avondale. There also is an office in Tustin, California.

“Nowadays, there’s a different feel in our company, a heightened level of excitement. We’re cultivating top-notch talent, bringing in new people and, overall, have a fresh mindset. EPS Group feels like a start-up,” Kitchen laughs. “A fifteen-year-old start-up.”

How will EPS Group respond to its evolving culture? As the firm gradually shifts from the traditional business model to one of continued innovation and unlimited potential, only time will tell.