Sutton Place

CATCLAR Investments | Phoenix, Arizona

EPS Group is currently providing civil engineering and landscape architectural services for this new senior living center. The 4.5-acre site is host to a garden-like environment and vibrant active experiences with multiple gardens and courtyard spaces for residents to enjoy.

Four signature gardens each create spaces for memory care and therapeutic experiences: the Memory/Residential Garden consists of pedestrian walks, bench seating, gathering areas for family visits, a focal water feature, fire pit, a lawn area and colorful plantings;  the Spa/Patio Garden consists of an outdoor spa, shade structures, lounge chairs, game tables, raised planters, bocce ball courts, benches, a focal/reflective water feature, citrus groves, colorful accent planting, and a kid fun-zone for visiting children; the Living/Dining Garden includes trellis structures with scented vines, seat walls, table and chairs with umbrella shades for outdoor dining, a fire table, lounge seating and planters; and the Active Garden includes of a dog park, accent olive trees, shade structures, a putting green, benches and a serenity garden. EPS is providing schematic design, construction documentation, and construction administrative services.