Barnette Waterline Replacement

Town of Wickenburg | Wickenburg, Arizona

This project including the replacing of existing 4′′ lines with 8′′ lines. Existing fire hydrants were also replaced within the project area, and an 8′′ line was installed on Swilling Avenue between the existing 8′′ CIP water line and 12′′ ACP waterline. The project also included 39 service reconnections. These connections were designed and constructed in such a way to minimize the period of time any customer was out of water. In addition to pre-design and design services, EPS Group also completed bid services and post-design services. We assisted the Town of Wickenburg with the bidding of the projects, reviewed bids, and made a recommendation of award. Post-design services included construction administration and processing the project trough Maricopa County Environmental Services Department for the Approval of Construction on this CDBG funded project.