Canyon State Academy Youth Village

Canyon State Academy | Queen Creek, Arizona

The Youth Village at Canyon State Academy creates a new extension of the school both, literally and figuratively. The tree-lined Community Connection Bridge unites the school’s academic campus with that of the chapel and student-employed Youth Village buildings, creating a link from the classroom to the greater community and a symbolic transition into a new chapter of academic excellence and student occupational experience.

Students and the public can engage with one another in the Enterprise Zone and adjacent plaza spaces, which connect to the pedestrian spine and parking for easy access. The shaded chapel entry and fellowship plazas create welcoming community areas with a symbolic signature olive tree, reflecting pool, community family sculpture, and seating, allowing visitors to gather for events.

The landscape reflects metaphorical change as people move through the spaces with different types of trees lining the Community Connection Bridge, parking, pedestrian spine, promenade, and plaza areas to mimic the transition of the students’ occupational learning and creating a dynamic, compelling landscape.