Farrell Road Improvements, Santos Street – Ralston Road

Ak-Chin Indian Community | Maricopa, Arizona

The Farrell Road project runs from Santos Street to Ralston Road that is approximately 1.6 miles of a paved two-lane road.A significant wash, Vekol Wash, runs through the project area. EPS Group is providing project planning and design engineering services to develop assigned and stamped set of design plans, specifications, and estimates for the construction of roadway drainage, signage, striping, and road improvement design for Farrell Road. EPSGroup’s Matrice 600 with Phaseone Camera was utilized to capture aerial imagery that was processed through EPS Group photogrammetry department for orthomosaic and existing topography, including planimetric line work and contours. EPS Group used its Phantom 4Pro to capture videos along the roadway for the project limits and along Vekol Wash that allow the design team to view any portion of the project limits.