Highland Groves at Morrison Ranch

Morrison Ranch, Inc. | Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona

Highland Groves is a 143-acre, 457 lot subdivision located in Gilbert and is part of the 2,000-acre master planned community known as Morrison Ranch. Known for its turf and tree landscaping, Morrison Ranch has become a popular and unique community for residents in the East Valley. The focal point of this subdivision is two lakes that are located at the center of the subdivision and split by an 82’ wide street which includes a 42’ wide landscaped median.

EPS Group designed a lake fill line permitting the lakes to be filled from two sources – Town of Gilbert reclaimed water and the Roosevelt Water Conservation District (RWCD) irrigation water. The lakes are part of a series of open space tracts running north to south through the subdivision and their amenities will provide great recreation for residents at Highland Groves. Water will be drawn from these lakes to irrigate the turf and trees located in the many open space areas not only in this subdivision but future adjacent projects within Morrison Ranch.