Madison Street Waterline Replacement

Town of Wickenburg | Wickenburg, Arizona

This project included the design of approximately 700 lineal feet of a new 8-inch ductile iron pipeline. The pipe was designed to replace an existing 4-inch pipe that was originally installed in the 1940s. The project is in a residential neighborhood and included service connections to 13 residential houses. New meter were installed to meet the Town’s new standards. The design and construction was completed in such a way that minimized interruptions in service to the individual home owners. In addition to pre-design and design services, EPS Group also completed bid services and post-design services. EPS Group assisted the Town of Wickenburg with the bidding of the projects, reviewed bids, and made a recommendation of award. Post-design services included construction administration and processing the project trough Maricopa County Environmental ServicesDepartment for the Approval of Construction on this CDBG funded project. Non-water related services include pavement replacement for all streets within the project area and replacement of existing sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards.