Mesa Data Center

Digital rendering of Mesa Data Centers in Mesa, Arizona.

EdgeCore | Mesa, Arizona

EdgeCore’s Data Centers in Mesa, AZ was a fast-track, ambitious undertaking that involves the phased development of seven buildings, totaling approximately 1.4 million square feet of space. The project is a testament to the capabilities of EPS Group, a leading land development firm that provided a range of services to support the project’s success. These services included due diligence, preliminary engineering, construction documents, and construction administration services.

The scope of EPS Group’s involvement in the project was extensive, beginning with topographic surveying to gather essential data about the site’s terrain and characteristics. Additionally, the firm conducted title reviews, drainage and grading analyses, and research to create comprehensive reports that informed the project’s design and development. EPS Group also provided preliminary site, grading, drainage, utility, and landscape architecture plans, ensuring that the project’s design would be functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Construction documents were also a crucial aspect of the project, and EPS Group delivered civil improvement plans, drainage, water, and sewer reports, as well as landscape and irrigation plans. These documents were essential for guiding the project’s construction and ensuring that all elements of the development would be cohesive and effective.

Offsite road improvements and new infrastructure were also a part of the project, supporting both the current development and future expansion. These elements were designed to improve the project’s accessibility, enhance the community’s infrastructure, and prepare for future growth.

Phase 1 of the project broke ground in March of 2018, and the project has continued to progress rapidly since then. The success of the project to date is a testament to the expertise and capabilities of EPS Group, as well as the commitment and dedication of all involved in the project’s development. This fast-track project is a model of effective project management and collaboration, showcasing the potential for large-scale development to support the needs of growing communities.