Reagan Academy

Schoolhouse Development | Gilbert, Arizona

This new 49,253-sq.-ft. private charter school in Gilbert, Arizona includes playgrounds, basketball courts, play fields, parking lot, grading and drainage, site utilities, hardscape, and landscaping. EPS Group provided assistance on the site plan design and ADA compatibility; developed the landscape design theme; conducted topographic, construction staking, and as-built survey services; and prepared construction documents for landscaping, water, sewer, grading, and paving.

EPS Group worked closely to solve several complex traffic control and pedestrian safety issues surrounding the construction of a charter school, as parent pick-up and drop-off are the only means to get children to the school. This involved coordination with the land owner, sub-consultant traffic engineer, municipal owner, and the design-build contractor. Special care during design and construction was taken to ensure limited erosion and sediment transport around the facility.

Additionally, EPS Group worked with the owner and adjacent landowners to solve a larger grading issue that could have rendered other parcels useless for development. EPS Group worked to route approximately 85% of storm water run off generated by the project to the grass playing fields associated with the school. This limited the amount of storm water that could affect other parcels and it supplemented the irrigation water need for the grass after rain events. Overall, EPS worked closely with the design-build contractor to provide long lasting products that would serve the school for many years with less needed repairs.