Santa Cruz River Shared-Use Path, Phase III

Town of Marana | Marana, Arizona

For this project, which extended the shared-use path along the top of the Santa Cruz River levee by 2.7 miles (from Heritage Park to Beard House), EPS Group prepared the pavement plans, landscape plans, details, and estimate.

Check out the shared-use path brochure from Town of Marana here

The asphalt path is part of the Town of Marana’s multi-modal transportation plan, allowing bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy the river’s habitat and scenery. The path is sensitively positioned along the Santa Cruz River’s scenic corridor to preserve the natural environment for wildlife. Trees, shrubs, and accent plants were selected to complement the river environment and blend in seamlessly with native vegetation, while also providing a shaded respite for joggers, walkers, bicyclists, and equestrian riders. EPS Group worked closely with the Town of Marana to establish a viable landscape and irrigation plan for the path extension that stayed within the established project budget.