Silver Star Dairy

Silver Star Dairy | Mesa, Arizona

The Silver Star Dairy Farm focuses on sustainability, learning that links knowledge and action to help students build a healthy future for their communities and the planet. There is something for learners of all ages at Silver Star Dairy, with a focus on agricultural, environmental, and cultural topics. The main design principle for this project is that local food and farm culture nurtures children’s health, cultivates viable farms, and builds vibrant communities.

Visitors can see a real working dairy goat. The site design experience show what happens on a dairy farm and what it takes for the goats to be healthy and productive. The farm also educates visitors in the differences in cow and goat milk. The dairy will provide a viewing window where visitors can watch the goats being milked and cheese being made. Silver Star Dairy is a hands experience for guests to see, pet, feed, and learn about the goats.