Luke AFB Sanitary Sewer Lines

Luke Air Force Base – Sanitary Sewer Lines / System Replacement | Glendale, Arizona

EPS Group was selected for the repair or replacement of 22,230 linear feet of concrete and vitrified clay sanitary sewer mains, laterals and brick manholes that were installed in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s in various areas of Luke Air Force Base.

This $10M construction project required a detailed survey, inspection, and structural and hydraulic investigation of the existing system. GPS survey, aerial mapping, camera scoping of pipes, and ground penetrating radar were some of the technologies utilized during the investigation. The innovative design allowed for structural repair of thousands of feet of sewer line and manholes rather than replacement, saving over a million dollars in replacement costs.

Out of box thinking with new sewer re-routing provided the benefit of eliminating six sewer lift stations as an added bonus for the base maintenance shop. EPS worked closely with Base personnel, USACE, and the contractor, utilizing multiple forms of technology to identify the root source of maintenance concerns.

Services provided:

Civil Engineering