Edison Roadway and Pedestrian Improvements

City of Maricopa | Maricopa, Arizona


EPS Group completed the alignment study and final design of approximately 1.5 miles of new arterial street improvements with raised medians on a “virgin” alignment. Extensive utility coordination was required to resolve conflicts and ensure new facilities were installed properly. This CMAR project included the traffic signals, street lighting, water, sewer, landscape, traffic analysis, and drainage. The multi-use pathway moved in and out of retention facilities requiring custom drainage underpasses and a strict observance of ADA maximum grade/cross slope criteria. Actuated traffic signals were incorporated at key roadway crossings. The roadway and utility design changed numerous times to meet City and adjacent developer needs. EPS used Flow2D software to simulate flood events and accurately predict flow patterns in flat ground environments for the multiple Edison Road floodplain crossings. EPS overcame numerous other challenges on this Construction Manager at Risk project including fire station accessibility, regional pedestrian connectivity, ADOT permitting, and floodplain mitigation.