Mariposa Park

City of Mesa | Mesa, Arizona


The EPS Group landscape architecture team completed design services for road and park improvements associated with the Mariposa Park for the City of Mesa. The design of the neighborhood park embraces the Arizona and Sonoran desert regions and included amenities that evoke creative play, encourages fitness activities, aids in ample learning experiences, and creates a sense of place for residents to enjoy and that the community can be proud of. Other features included grade changes and undulating terrain that provide challenging opportunities and create interest for play, exercising, observation, strolling, and multi-use activities; a circuit of passive and active spaces through the placement of play-pods that include butterflies, bees and spiders, fitness pods, centrally located open space for gathering and seating, observation areas, free-play equipment at the main play area along well-lit paths and trails were also conceived within the park design.