Lindsey Square Care Center

Lindsey Square Center, LLC | Gilbert, Arizona


The Lindsey Square Care Center provides a comforting landscape environment through the use of colorful and therapeutic plants, trees, landscape elements, and gardens that will evoke the senses and offer places for strolling, remembrance, sitting, relaxing, activities, and gathering that will give the residents, guests, and staff a sense of warmth and a feeling of being at home. Design principles applied to this care center create a sense of arrival with a focal water feature and colorful signature trees and understory planting that will provoke special emotion and a welcoming effect as residents and guests enter, including a distinctive therapeutic garden which will provide an outdoor experience for the residents and guests to stimulate their senses and a place for relaxation. Also provided design elements for each courtyard that residents and guests can experience which will evoke remembrance of childhood, of special events or activities that they once enjoyed or still enjoy doing and of things that resemble home.