Wintersburg Parkway Feasibility Study

Maricopa County Department of Transportation | Buckeye, Arizona


EPS Group was selected by MCDOT to complete this 22-mile Corridor Feasibility Study within the MAG Hassayampa Framework Study area. The corridor alignment passed through numerous MPCs (Master Planned Communities) and across I-10, the Hassayampa River, and numerous utility corridors. Coordination of alignments through proposed MPC’s was one of the key project issues as many MPC’s already had approved master plans from multiple jurisdictions (Maricopa County and City of Buckeye) and were reluctant to modify their planned alignments. Addressing the Hassayampa River crossing and the skewed intersection at Salome Highway was particularly challenging and special design efforts were undertaken in these areas. In addition, Wintersburg Parkway serves as the primary emergency departure route for Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station and coordination with APS staff was required to ensure planned corridors preserved this capability.