Congratulations to Greg Froehlich

Greg Froehlich, Principal, P.E. Promoted to
Public Works Department Manager
for EPS Group, Inc.

As Interim Manager, Greg has done a great job leading the Public Works Department over the past year.  During his tenure, he has taken a personalized approach to meet the needs of his associates, fueling their development and engagement.  In addition, he has led the team in winning several new projects including MCDOT, ADOT, State Parks Projects through an ADOA On-Call, and the Town of Eagar On-Call Engineering Services.  He is also on pace to exceed 2022 department revenue and profit goals.

With over 25 years of experience, Greg has fully embraced his leadership role and has set new benchmarks for his talented group.  His commitment to EPS Group and building a bigger future is demonstrated in fostering positive client relationships and growing his team.  This past year several new associates have joined the Public Works Department strengthening our ability to provide sound engineering solutions on a bigger regional stage.

“Greg stepped into the Department Manager role with enthusiasm and set his sights on positioning the department for future success.  He quickly established trust and respect from his team, increasing their effectiveness, while leveraging the traditions of what makes EPS Group a great firm.   As a life-long competitor, Greg understands the power of teamwork and has a passion for winning, which makes him a key player on our leadership team.” –  Kathey Wagner, CEO

Greg earned his Civil Engineering Degree from Arizona State University and graduated with honors. Prior to attending ASU, Greg went to South Mountain Community College where he was an outfielder on the baseball team.

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