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Public Works leaders: Do you find yourself being asked to do more with less?

If you’re a public service professional, we salute you. No public agency is immune to aging infrastructure, rising costs, or limited resources. As your engineering partner, we are always looking for ways to make your life easier and to help you do more with less. We offer efficiency in the form of a multi-discipline, fully integrated, Arizona-based team that understands the nuances of working within our fast-growing local counties and municipalities. In the midst of today’s challenges, we work with you to Elevate Arizona Together.

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Proudly Serving Arizona's Public Angencies for 20 YEars

You answer to the public.
We answer to you.

Whether the project at hand is a 8-inch waterline or an 8-lane highway, many of your challenges are the same: being a good steward of public funds, delivering on time and in budget, and keeping the public safe and informed along the way.

Counties and municipalities across Arizona rely on EPS Group’s multi-disciplined team of experts to bring clarity to complex projects. We focus on the details so we can achieve the big picture together. Our goal is to anticipate our clients’ needs and deliver creative, economical, and timely solutions that make your life easier.

Your time and resources are limited.
We don’t waste them on costly mistakes.

We are driven by the pursuit of quality in everything we do. At every level within our organization – from our project team members to our corporate services personnel – we invest the time and care it takes to ensure a job well done, the first time, every time. For our public agency clients in Arizona, this translates to deadlines met, budgets kept in check, and a shared sense of pride and accomplishment in the project outcome.

Your projects serve the local
community. It’s our home, too.

More than just engineers, we are local citizens who care and sincerely want to help make a difference in the places where we live, work, and play. From neighborhood groups to Native American tribes, we value collaboration and have built strong relationships within the communities we serve. Our local expertise helps us avoid common missteps and allows us to leverage our knowledge and relationships to keep projects running smoothly.


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How Can We Elevate Arizona Together?

Greg Froehlich, P.E.

Principal, Public Works Department Manager